Alarm and CCTV Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades

FAR undertakes both alarm system and CCTV system upgrades and repairs. The initial consultation is free of charge.


FAR offers an alarm system free of charge when signing a three-year contract. We can also utilise your current system at no additional cost. If you do choose to sign up with FAR, a consultant will visit you free of charge. Switchovers from current systems happen quickly,

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and a complete diagnostic of the existing alarm is undertaken, again at no charge.


All of our security personnel must meet our stringent application criteria. Once they have been accepted, they undergo extensive training in a variety of fields at our dedicated training facility.The courses they cover include basic first aid and fire fighting, health and safety training,

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statement taking, reading body language, as well as any other relevant and task-specific training they require. Our armed response team is trained to assess a situation in order to perform preventative security actions, and also to provide support and care in the event of an incident taking place.


With extensive experience in the vehicle escort industry, we confidently provide professional high value cargo protection and Escorts, both local and long distance. Our specialised teams will ensure the effective safekeeping and transit of your valuable assets.


Trained individuals will install CCTV cameras in the most effective locations, optimising your CCTV coverage.


FAR offers a complete solution when it comes to perimeter security. We install electric fencing using the best products and materials available. We also integrate the electric fence with the alarm system to ensure your security system

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realises its maximum potential. We are registered at the Department of Labour and can issue a certificate of compliance on electric fences, as well as all other FAR installations.


Access control is vital to any security plan. We install top quality gates and gate motors, but also strive to ensure that we provide the correct gate motors for your security purposes. Speed and reliability, along with an alarm

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function on gate motors, is imperative.

Individual Security Audit and Plan (Risk Assessments)

Years of experience, a wealth of industry knowledge and highly-trained professionals result in a clear, concise and insightful risk assessment that will identify weak spots and potential security risks. Taking into consideration

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your specific requirements, an individually tailored security plan will then be presented to you. No frills, no unnecessary extras, only exactly what you need.

Offsite CCTV Monitoring

Our training academy specialises in CCTV monitoring. Expertly trained personal are overseen by experienced managers, ensuring continuous monitoring at an uncommonly high level. Our personnel are trained to interpret body language and recognise suspicious behaviour,

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providing you with an effective offsite CCTV monitoring solution.


Our company holds an industry leading success rate on the recovery of stolen and hi-jacked vehicles with dedicated and trained armed recovery teams at your disposal on a 24-hour basis.

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Our success rate is associated with our well-equipped control room and trained operators with which our recovery teams have constant communication with.

I am extremely grateful for the efficient way in which FAR Security handled the break in at my business premises. Thorough care was taken to ensure that everything was secure afterwards and a patrol vehicle patrolled the area frequently which resulted in assisting the Police to apprehend two suspects.



I would like to thank FAR Security for their fast and effective service. Thank you for your willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the perpetrators ended up behind bars.

Pieter van Eeden