About Us

FAR - First Armed Response

At FAR we have three main goals: to provide highly trained professionals, present our clients with detailed safety and security plans tailored to their specific needs, and to communicate clearly with our clients at all times.

We favour a back to basics approach, with no unnecessary frills, but with the flexibility to provide you with exactly what you need. We are an intelligence-based operation, so communication is key. This allows us to make informed risk assessments and develop specific, effective packages based on our combined years of knowledge and experience within the safety and security industry to provide the best known solutions to South African security challenges.

FAR also believes in being proactive rather than reactive. We want to pre-empt your safety and security needs - how can we make you safer in the time between your alarm activation and the arrival of the first responder. Providing a holistic and comprehensive solution is important, this includes but is not limited to personal safety training for individuals, as well as basic first aid and firefighting for our first responders. As technology and intelligence-gathering software evolves, we continually strive to see how we can expand and improve our products and services.

Shareholders and Directors

Stiaan Viljoen

Stiaan Viljoen is an experienced Loss Control Practitioner and Security Consultant with more than thirty (30) years’ experience in the South African Security Industry. He completed a BA degree at the University of Pretoria in 1992, majoring in Psychology. He has occupied various senior positions, including Group Security Manager at Stuttafords Stores and Loss Control Executive at CNA Stores, the latter was his last appointment before establishing ISMS in 2001.

Pieter Wolmarans

Pieter Wolmarans joined the group in 2008. He is currently the Managing Director of Integrated Security Management Solutions (ISMS) and is based in Centurion. He has thirty (30) years' financial management background in various businesses, and ten (10) years' experience in forensic audits. He was also the Managing Director of one of the biggest pay phone companies in South Africa. Wolmarans specialises in Investigations, CCTV Operations, Consulting Services and Covert Services. He shares a passion for actively contributing to the safety and well-being of our clients, who rely on our stable workforce of highly disciplined, experienced and trained security personnel to prevent incidents before they happen.

Pieter Prinsloo

Pieter Prinsloo is the sole owner of GP Prinsloo Attorneys and a shareholder in First Armed Response. With a successful practise based in Pretoria, Mr Prinsloo has also spent the last 6 years obtaining specialised training and key experience in the Security Industry. Strong ties with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), based in Pretoria, puts Mr Prinsloo in a position to assist First Armed Response with all key industry and regulatory related matters ensuring the business aligns to the highest of standards. As a result of Mr Prinsloo’s solid experience in the Security industry as well as successful years in the corporate and legal industries, he has set himself apart from his competitors and is able to provide an array of services to all his clients.

Our three tier strategy toward service excellence is based on:

Our affiliated training academy ensures that our staff are highly trained and competent. Our first responders are all trained in advanced security techniques, as well as basic first aid and firefighting, intelligence gathering, and report writing.

In order to ensure that your specific needs are met, we will conduct a security assessment or audit and provide you with a detailed plan that suits your individual requirements. No unnecessary frills, only an honest appraisal based on years of experience as well as exhaustive intelligence gathering and analysis.

We want to make it easy for you to talk to us. Our communication channels are clear and concise, providing our clients with the peace of mind that we are always available to assist with their queries and security needs. We believe in encouraging and initiating communication between security companies, communities and community anti-crime initiatives (CPF’s) as intelligence sharing is vital in the safekeeping of the entire community.

I am extremely grateful for the efficient way in which FAR Security handled the break in at my business premises. Thorough care was taken to ensure that everything was secure afterwards and a patrol vehicle patrolled the area frequently which resulted in assisting the Police to apprehend two suspects.



I would like to thank FAR Security for their fast and effective service. Thank you for your willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the perpetrators ended up behind bars.

Pieter van Eeden